Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift

Face Lifting Treatment

An anti-aging treatment for both corrective and preventative care. Using a special combination of micro currents, frequencies and wave forms unique to Perfector. This treatment is able to penetrate through different levels of soft tissue and muscle, thus reducing lines and wrinkles, plus lifting sagging jowls, cheeks and neck

Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift

Perfector Face Lift is a more natural, non-invasive alternative to the surgical face lift. The Perfector delivers low frequency micro currents to heal, and regenerate tissue offering both a corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment. Unlike micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, which take off layers of the skin, the Perfector treatment actually builds up skin layers by healing and encouraging cell revival and regeneration of tissue. Unlike muscle stimulators, Perfector, offers long lasting results.

Based on 30 years of micro-current research that was initiated on Bell's palsy and burn victims, Perfector is based on the Nobel Peace Prize winning discovery that the cell membrane contains a specific amount of electricity. Only Perfector offers the cell the specific amount of electricity needed for skin regeneration by automatically adjusting the electrical impulse depending on your skin type and thickness. Developed in England in it is also approved by the FDA in the US after FDA and is rated the safest method for skin rejuvenation.

Perfector's Dramatic Results

The Perfector system is the only non-surgical treatment that can be administered to delicate eye skin, making it an excellent solution for puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet.

  • Erases wrinkles
  • Heals Melasma
  • Thickens thin skin by regenerating tissue
  • Heals Rosacea
  • Removes discolorations, pregnancy mask
  • Heals acne and sun spots better than lasers
  • Diminishes scars
  • Removes pigmentations and other related skin disorders
  • Closes open pores and improves skin quality
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Erases dark circles and puffiness

Semi permanent, requiring only touch-ups every month after completion of 12 treatments

Tiny microcurrent of electricity (literally measuring only millionths of an amp) are finely tuned to the level of the charge which takes place at the body's cellular level. The current can actually penetrate the cell, as opposed to passing over it (like higher currents that the body doesn't understand...i.e. galvanic/TENS which is a thousand times stronger).

In short, Perfector technology is designed to energize and create the optimum conditions for the skin to utilize its own wisdom and regenerate itself. Recent studies using frequency specific microamperage performed at the University of Washington indicate a 14% increase in the production of natural collagen, and a 48% increase in natural elastin production, as well as a 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days.

Ideally you need 12 consecutive treatments at two per week to gain maximum benefit with one top up per month thereafter.

Before committing why not try a one off mini lift to gauge the likely benefit

Treatment Costs

Recommended 12 x 90 min treatments
(2 per week)

Subsequent Treatments

Mini Lift
A one off treatment for that special occasion. This treatment produces a good lift and is ideal to give yourself that extra confidence for that special occasion
90 mins

Or for a maximum instant improvement Delivering incredible anti-aging and skin re-surfacing. Try our Murad Technoceuticals / Perfector Mini Lift combination
2 hours