Red Vein Treatment

We all desire unblemished, even-toned, healthy looking skin but over time we get red veins and broken capillaries; sometimes it feels as though they’ve appeared overnight!.

There can be many causes of these damaged capillaries … sun exposure, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing and over exfoliating. In some cases an inherited factor.

Some specific skin care products can be a very effective treatment for the reduction of facial redness and flushing, Rosacea and capillaries. However, more advance conditions are often past the abilities of topical care.


Red vein treatment and Diathermy is a form of Advanced Electrolysis used to treat Telangiectasia or Red Veins or Thread veins and Blood Spots and Spider Naevi. This is a precise method of Electrolysis where we use a tiny probe and tiny electric current used to cauterise the tiny red veins visible on your face.

Imagine the capillary as a tiny tunnel just under the skin surface (within 1-2 mm of the surface).Blood rushes down these tunnels. The very fine probe cauterises the capillary which in turn dies and the waste is reabsorbed back into the body leaving unblemished, even-toned skin.

Some capillaries may be larger and contain more blood. Unseen veins may supply hidden capillaries and take over from the treated ones. Hence the requirement for either a patch test or follow up treatments.

Skin Care & Homecare

Prior to considering this treatment it is worth noting both skin reaction and homecare as almost more than any other treatment it is imperative that aftercare is followed and therefore maybe outside of your lifestyle events during some months of the year.


• Immediately area appears red, slightly raised and may be swollen Redness lasts 8 - 24 hours depending upon the skin’s sensitivity
• 2-3 days the skin may heal with tiny scabs. These scabs will appear as tiny dots along the treated vessels.
• The scabs will disappear in 7-10 days. DO NOT REMOVE SCABS!!!

During Healing Period After Each Treatment:

  • Do not rub with flannels or towels
  • No exfoliation, scrubs or peels
  • Protect skin from the sun
  • DO NOT CLEANSE OR MOISTURISE THE AREA FOR 10-14 DAYS – Use the aftercare provided
  • Once the skin has settled (normally after 2 weeks) it can be clearly seen how much of the blood has disappeared from the red vein and further treatments may be required
  • Keep area dry to promote scab formation
  • No soaking in baths
  • No swimming

Get A Consultation

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The initial consultation involves meeting with the practitioner and running through expectations, medical history, skin examination and indeed any other questions that you have.

Treatment / Treatment Time Treatment Costs
Red Vein Patch Test £29.95
15 Minutes £57.95
30 Minutes £77.95