Permanent Hair Removal

What causes unwanted hair growth?

The growth of hair is normal and the result of heredity and hormonal levels. Illness and the use of drugs can further stimulate their growth.

Everyone wants the permanent removal of their unwanted hair and in such a situation and regardless of the cause, heredity or hormonal, electrolysis will progressively remove unwanted hair and furthermore is the only method approved as permanent.

Whilst Electrolysis yields permanent results it's important to note that it takes time. It does require multiple sessions to achieve as hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. The number of sessions and frequency the hair will require is dependant upon on the stage of the hair growth and how coarse the hair may be,

How It Works

Essentially, electrolysis works by destroying the nourishing supply to the hair follicle. The Electrologist inserts a very fine probe (thinner than the hair being treated) into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied to cauterize the hair growth cells (Papillae) via the action of shortwave diathermy (a heat sensation).

Advantages of Electrolysis

  • Electrolysis yields the best overall results compared to any other method when it comes to getting rid of hair permanently
  • In addition to producing more permanent results, electrolysis is exceptionally versatile. It can help inhibit new hair growth for all skin and hair types and may be used anywhere on the face and body, including the eyebrows. It can also be used amongst a wider variety of people, because unlike laser treatment, electrolysis doesn't target the hair pigment. a) People who aren't good candidates for laser may still have electrolysis.

Disadvantages of Electrolysis

You have to truly be committed to electrolysis needing (as a guesstimate) anywhere from 6 -24 sessions depending upon how coarse the hair is

How do you choose an Electrologist?

Electrologists have special training to perform electrolysis. If you are going to consider electrolysis, it is very important to find someone fully skilled and experienced.

Get a Consultation

We will give you a free consultation.

The initial consultation involves meeting with the practitioner and running through Expectations, Medical Conditions, Skin examination and indeed any other questions that you have. Above all, it is important to build a relationship/trust Identify your Needs

Based on the personal consultation, we will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs.

Treatment costs

Treatment Time Treatment Cost
Minimum Charge £19.95
10 Minutes £24.95
15 Minutes £29.95
20 Minutes £34.95
25 Minutes £39.95
30 Minutes £44.95
45 Minutes £59.95

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